Westbury restaurant La Rosita sues Nassau County, claiming harassment during police raid

June 26, 2014

Westbury, N.Y. News 12 Long Island

Owners of a Hispanic restaurant in Westbury have sued Nassau County, claiming they were harassed during a police raid last week.


Mike and Rosa Bonilla claim police conducted an illegal raid at their restaurant La Rosita last Sunday at 10 p.m. just before closing time.  The Bonillas' attorney, Thoma Liotti, says the police harassed diners and ordered them to leave, telling them they could not be served.  The entire raid was caught on the restaurant's surveillance camera.


The police then entered the kitchen and issued an order for the kitchen's stove hoods and ducts to be cleaned. The Bonillas say the kitchen is clean and Liotti called the tickets they were given "bogus."



Rosa Bonilla says the police would not tell her why they were there.

Nassau police and the Nassau County Executive's Office say they can't comment since the case is in litigation.


The store owners and their attorney have been ordered to appear in Hempstead District Court next month to answer the summons.


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